Traffic Engineering

As traffic engineers we design the sites (access, parking, vehicle circulation), streets, intersections and other traffic infrastructure including pedestrian and cyclist facilities.
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Transport Assessment

We provide Integrated Transport Assessment (ITA) and Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) reports for resource consents in addition to undertaking Feasibility Studies, Peer Reviews and Road Safety Audits. 
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Transport Planning

We assist our clients to plan new development areas with master planning, structure planning, transport planning, and the design of street networks.  
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Specialist Advice

We are often called upon to appear as an expert witness in Council resource consent or plan variation hearings or in court cases.  
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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide professional, honest, and independant advice on transportation matters, while helping to make our transport environments better - efficient, sustainable, and safe.  We predominantly provide advice to private-sector clients in relation to developments and resource managment, and we also undertake work for public sector clients such as Councils and Government Agencies.

Christmas 2022

Nativity Scene

We would like to wish all of our valued clients a fantastic Christmas, New Year and holiday period.

If you are travelling we trust you will arrive safely.

Our office will be closed for the holidays and annual summer break from Thursday 22 December and we will be open again from Monday 23 January 2023.

Recent Articles

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This article is the second in a series on parking and explores the question "How Much Parking Do I Need?".

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