Paerata Rise

The development company associated with the charitable trust managing Wesley College and surrounding land located on 294 hectares at Paerata north of Pukekohe had their landholding identified as a one of the first Special Housing Areas in 2013 and wished to complete a Plan Variation to rezone the land for development.

We were engaged to assist in the development of the masterplan to support the Plan Variation and worked with the team to develop and refine the movement network for the area which was focused around a future rail station on the adjacent rail line. The masterplan, providing for the development of around 5000 homes and a local centre, placed significant emphasis on walking and cycling with the plans providing the best level of cycling infrastructure in the country.

This work involved researching international best-practice and the development of new roading solutions in consultation with Council and Auckland Transport. The design of the roading network was carried out in a collaborative manner with the team including urban designers and stormwater engineers.

After the success in obtaining the new zoning we were engaged to assist in the development of more detailed plans for consents to facilitate the first stages of residential subdivision. This required working with Council, Auckland Transport, and the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

The development is now known as Paerata Rise, which is located in the Franklin 2 Precinct of the Auckland Unitary Plan, and was initially known as the Wesley College Special Housing Area.

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