Waiata Shores

Fletcher Living acquired the 45 hectare Manukau Golf Course with the view of developing it for residential use.
The site fronts a busy arterial road adjacent to a motorway interchange and is bordered on two sides by a stream and the Manukau Harbour, providing significant constraints on vehicular access.
We provided input into the master planning process, undertook extensive modelling of the road network including the motorway interchange, and undertook liaison with Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, and the New Zealand Transport Agency.
We prepared an Integrated Transport Assessment for subdivision for around 500 homes which was approved. 
We have subsequently assisted with the preparation of plans for a new signalled intersection and the first stages of the subdivision.
In addition, we assisted with the design and assessment of the replacement Windross Farm golf course in Ardmore as the new home for the golf club.
Services provided:
  • Master planning
  • Structure planning
  • Street network design
  • Street cross-section design
  • Traffic modelling
  • Traffic signal design
  • Roundabout design
  • Integrated Transport Assessment
  • Traffic Calming
  • Advice on design of comprehensive housing design and subdivision layout
Fletcher Living
Master Plan / Structure Plan
Residential Area

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