McConnell Property was selected by the Housing New Zealand Corporation to undertake the master planning and rezoning of land in Takanini.

We assisted the McConnell Property team in the formulation of a master plan and the assessment of a structure plan for a plan change for which we provided expert witness services.

After a delay as a result of the global financial downturn Housing New Zealand have revisited the master plan with the goal of providing an increased number of dwellings with a high proportion of more affordable homes to address a housing shortage in Auckland. We assisted with the redevelopment of the master plan, and the assessment of subdivision designs that will ultimately provide over 600 new homes and a secondary school.

Services provided:

  • Master planning
  • Structure planning
  • Plan Change
  • Expert Witness
  • Street network design
  • Street cross-section design
  • Traffic modelling
  • Integrated Transport Assessment
  • Advice on design of comprehensive housing design and subdivision layout
McConnell Property and Housing New Zealand
Master Plan / Structure Plan
Plan Change
Residential Area

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