Streets for People

people crossing a street

Our passion is designing Streets for People.

We provide expertise in street network planning and street design to make streets better places for people, not just road links that move vehicles.

Streets are dynamic environments with a wide range of functions, and the best streets are designed by teams providing specialist input working together with local stakeholders to produce a collaborative design. 

With an extensive track record in street design and greenfield master-planning combined with experience in town centres, we provide a valuable input into design teams. We have worked together with some of the leading urban design, landscape, architectural, planning and engineering practices on a variety of projects.

We understand the importance of considering all road users when designing streets, and this includes disabled people, pedestrians, cyclists, public transport operators, delivery and service vehicles, and private motorists.

We also understand the limitations of classifying streets into the traditional traffic engineering hierarchy with arterial roads at the top and local streets at the bottom.

We provide expertise in specialist areas such as vehicle tracking, traffic calming, road safety, intersection design, traffic and parking surveys, traffic analysis and modelling; and we bring those skills to the table to assist in providing collaborative street designs.

If you would like to explore opportunities to work with us on your streets project, please get in touch today.

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