Waste Management Headquarters

When Stride Property Group wanted to evaluate options for the redevelopment of its 5.2 hectare industrial site in East Tamaki, it engaged us to advise on access and development options.  One of those options, completely redeveloping the site as a purpose-built headquarters for Waste Management was selected.

As part of the design and consenting teams we assisted both Waste Management and Stride with developing the site layout which completely separates operational (refuse collection trucks) from non-operational (car) traffic, separates pedestrians from moving traffic as far as possible, provides sufficient parking for the truck fleet, and sufficient parking for employees and visitors.  Waste Management had several requirements for the project, including providing for the charging of both electric cars and electric trucks, which were incorporated into the site design.

The project received Resource Consent in April 2018, and the $43 million project is expected to be operational by September 2019.

Services provided:

  • project feasibility review and options analysis
  • access selection and design
  • input into site layout
  • parking design
  • vehicle tracking analysis
  • truck parking design
  • traffic counts
  • traffic modelling
  • Traffic Impact Assessment
  • travel planning
  • Greenstar assessment
Stride Property Group and Waste Management
www.strideproperty.co.nz www.wastemanagement.co.nz

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