Traffic Engineering Design

As traffic engineers we design a wide variety of traffic infrastructure and our services in this area include:

  • street design
  • intersection design including traffic signals and roundabouts
  • design of parking areas and parking buildings
  • site design for vehicle circulation and truck loading facilities
  • temporary traffic management plans (TMPs)
  • road safety auditing
  • design of cyclist facilities
  • assisting with the design of bridges and overpassesdesign and assessment of bus priority projects
  • design of bus transport interchanges

thirty years of design experience

Recent Traffic Engineering Design Projects

Life, a church headquartered in Mt Eden Auckland was facing considerable expansion and wished to increase the capacity of it's church buildings.  When the church met with Auckland Council to discuss the project they discovered that the church land would be within the designation for the Central Rail Loop project and the land would be acquired by Auckland Transport.

When the Ministry of Education was faced with the need to completely rebuild Koru School they wished to ensure that the design provided modern facilities including provision for access and parking.

We were selected to be a part of the team and were successful in obtaining the necessary changes to the school's designation.

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